two students in their room in Maple Hall

Special Living Options

LIFE Altoona (Living in a Free Environment)

LIFE Altoona offers an interactive and engaging Advanced Living Community in which members promise not to use alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products. LIFE offers many leadership positions for students on LIFE Council, such as president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and other chair positions. The Resident Assistants in LIFE are specially trained to gear both the educational and social programs towards individuals who have chosen a substance-free lifestyle. These programs take place consistently throughout each semester, and many of the social programs happen on weekends so resident students have the opportunity for socializing and friendship. Educational programs give students an opportunity to challenge and explore their personal values and ideals as well as to pursue knowledge and personal growth. To apply for LIFE, please fill out the application.

Discover House

Discover House, an Advanced Living Community for first-year students that is supported by the Division of Undergraduate Studies, gives residents the opportunity to explore the many academic programs and majors offered at Penn State. Residents receive individualized attention from faculty members and develop strong relationships with their peers as they learn to make informed, responsible career and life choices.