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Important Dates

View the contract process timeline to learn important dates related to requesting a contract for on-campus housing.

Important Dates

Semester/Year Date Information
Fall 2018 August 17 Fall Arrival: first-year students only
Fall 2018 August 19 Fall Arrival: upper-class students
Fall 2018 August 20 Fall Semester:  classes begin
Fall 2018 September 3 Labor Day Holiday - no classes.  University housing open
Fall 2018 September 30 Deadline to purchase fall 2018 Commuter Meal Plan is 9/30 at noon
Fall 2018 November 17

Fall Break:  University housng closes on Saturday 11/17 at noon. All students must vacate the residence halls.  Belongings may remain in room.

Fall 2018 November 19-23 Fall Break:  no classes, University housing closed
Fall 2018 November 25 Fall Break:  University housing OPENS on Sunday 11/25 at 11:00 a.m.
Fall 2018 December 7 Deadline to change fall 2018 Campus Meal Plan is 12/7 at noon
Fall 2018 December 10-14 Finals Week
Fall 2018 December 15 Semester End:  University housing CLOSES Saturday 12/15 at noon.  All students must vacate.  Belongings may reamin in room, unless checking out for moving to a new room for the spring semester.
Spring 2019 January 6 Spring Semester: University housing OPENS on Sunday 1/6 at 11:00 a.m.
Spring 2019 January 7 Spring Semester: classes begin
Spring 2019 January 21 Martin Luther King Day: no classes; University housing open
Spring 2019 February 28 Deadline to purchase spring 2019 Commuter Meal Plan is 2/28 at noon
Spring 2019 March 2 Spring Break: University housing CLOSES Saturday 3/2 at noon. All students must vacate. Belongings may remain in room.
Spring 2019 March 4-8 Spring Break: no classes, University housing closed
Spring 2019 March 10 Spring Break: University housing OPENS on Sunday 3/10 at 11:00 a. m.
Spring 2019 April 27 Deadline to change spring 2019 Campus Meal Plan is 4/27 at noon
Spring 2019 April 29 - May 3 Finals Week
Spring 2019 May 4 Spring Semester Ends: University housing CLOSES Saturday 5/4 at 2:00 p.m. ALL STUDENTS MUST CHECK OUT before 2:00 p.m.