Students hanging out in the Spruce game room


Penn State offers a variety of housing options to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Oak and Maple Halls house two students per bedroom with one common bathroom on each floor. Spruce and Cedar Halls offer suite living for upper-class students, accommodating four students per suite. Each suite shares one semiprivate bathroom.

For your convenience, Penn State offers many standard features in the residence areas. Below are charts showing the room and building amenities available in each residence hall.

Room Amenites by Residence Hall
Room Amenities Cedar Hall Maple Hall Oak Hall Spruce Hall
Air conditioning* X     X
Bed frame and mattress X X X X
Cable TV connection * X X X X
Chest of drawers  X*     X
Desk and chair X X X X
Internet connection X X X X
Luxury Vinyl Floor X X X X
Microwave/refrigerator* X X X X
Mirror X     X
Smoke detector* X X X X
Wardrobe or closet X  X** X** X
Waste basket X  X  X   X
Window treatments (blinds) X X X X

* one per room
**wardrobe contains drawers

Building Amenities by Residence Hall
Building Amenities Cedar Hall Maple Hall Oak Hall Spruce Hall
Computer lab X X X X
Card Access Security System (exterior doors) X X X X
Vending machines X X X X
Laundry facilities X X X X
Residence Life Office       X
TV lounges X X X X
Study lounges X X X X
Storage available under bed (recommend to go 1" less) 33" 33" 33" 33"