Penn State Altoona student Grant Mauro

“My home away from home.”

Grant Mauro, a first-year student at Penn State Altoona majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering, appreciated the welcoming atmosphere of campus as he began his college career. “I thought if this was going to be my home away from home for the next four years, I could be happy here,” he says. “I knew the first year could be tough, trying to find things and get your bearings, so it’s nice to be on a small campus.”

Mauro enjoys the camaraderie in the residence halls that makes it easy to meet new people. “You can walk into any one of the residence halls and almost everyone’s door is open. There’s this general feeling of ‘Come on in, come hang out, relax.’ I’ve met a lot of people that way and have made a lot of good connections.”

Game nights that feature friendly pool and ping-pong competitions and board games are Mauro’s favorite way to take a break. “In the basement game room there’s lots to do—or if you want to just relax and hang out, there are lots of couches and TVs. I really enjoy going down there with friends.”